New Employee Setup Checklist

A & F New Employee Setup Checklist

It is imperative that you provide a 10-business-day notice to ensure that your employee gets a computer and has the ability to perform their required work assignments the first day on the job. The lack of appropriate notice can delay your employee from getting a computer by their first day on the job. The checklist below has been created to make it easier for departments to submit the required information for new Administration and Finance Employees. It is important that these steps be followed exactly as listed.

This information should be provided by the HR Liaison
1) As soon as it is determined that the department will be adding or replacing personnel, send a notification to and provide the following information:

  • Whether this is a new position or one who is being replaced.
  • Whether this position¬†is a Regular, Part Time, Temporary, Student, or FS Shop employee.
  • Title
  • Department/Org

Note: You will receive an email with a workorder #.

This information should be provided by the HR Liaison
2) As soon as an offer is made and accepted,

Note: The computer cannot be set up at the physical location until an email address has been received. For assistance with and to setup an email address, go to

This information should be provided by the HR Liaison
3) Submit the FSA-AF New Employee form by placing the file in the appropriate folder under EAR$ shared drive. This will minimize the threat of this record being compromised.

  • Ensure that all fields on the form have been completed appropriately by all corresponding parties.
  • Scan into PDF and name it New User – Firstname Lastname.pdf and place it under appropriate folder in EAR$ share drive
    • FS – All Facilities and Services departments
    • AF – All Business Affairs departments
  • Email to advise form is ready for FSA to process
    • Subject line should have: New User – Firstname Lastname
    • Any other pertinent information should be placed on the email body

Note: You will receieve an email with work order #.

To request access to NMSU Enterprise Systems: Business related forms can be found here.